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Serving Chicago, Illinois

Cellulose Insulation Chicago, IL

With inovation and accelerating the gloabl market on energy efficiency, cellulose has become a widely popular form of insulation. It’s what us contractors call ‘blown-in insulation’ which means exactly how it sounds. We use a specialized material that blows on the open areas to cover and seal all areas within your wall or ceiling. It’s form of application not only makes for easy installation, but fast and efficient as well. Our company thrives on providing this substance for homeowners as it shares more of a ‘middle ground’ within the cost vs. energy saving ratio.

What Is Cellulose?

Cellulose has been a re-introduced material and method for insulating homes that saves on energy bills and remains a ‘green’ alternative compared to spray foam or fiberglass. It derives mainly from recycled paper which makes it the most eco-friendly material in the industry. Our company uses Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose by Nu-Wool Co., the leader in cellulose since 1949. Their manufacturing plant takes eco-friendliness to another level by reducing the amount of energy to produce the product it’s self, at 10 times less energy.

What About Energy Efficiency?

Let’s face it, ‘going green’ is great but energy efficiency for your own home is the ultimate goal. You’ll be happy to know that our cellulose has a great R-value sitting at 3.8 R per inch, much higher than standard fiber glass. It makes for an effective material to reduce heating & cooling bills, and save money for both short and long term.

Mentionable Benefits

Fire Resistant

Cellulose is known as the best material for fire resistance. It’s depicted and classified as a Class A Fire Rated product, being also classified as a flame retardant. It’s nature is to not only resist, but suppress flame expansion through blocking spreads and suffocation (lack of oxygen). With cellulose you can receive up to 55% in fire resistance for your home- an excellent benefit for homeowners.

Sound Barrier

Most homeowners don’t even think about this aspect, but Nu-Wool’s special mixture for cellulose also creates a natural sound barrier. It’s a unexpected benefit that came as a surprise, with deficiency in sound waves tested by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories for Sound Transmission Classifications (STC). If you’re looking for an added benefit, this one beats them all. A quieter home with noise canceling barriers is great for any family.

Why Nu-Wool?

We use Nu-Wool for many of the reasons mentioned above. However, this particular cellulose insulation is also the longest running UL classified product in the industry. Aside from that, we have grown accustom to it’s customer value and high ratings from homeowners throughout the country. This includes the clients we have worked with and the projects we have completed utilizing this product. Trust and quality is our mission.

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