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Serving Chicago, Illinois
Serving Chicago, Illinois

Spray Foam Insulation Chicago, IL

With the ever expanding trend of ‘going green’, homeowners in Chicago, IL are looking for optimal solutions within the insulation industry. While traditional methods have stood the test of time spray foam has become a universally accepted and sought material within the market. Due to the ease of use, quick installation, and it’s premium energy efficiency, it remains a strong solution for home insulation. It can be combined with other materials & methods, or you can be applied for your entire project.

How Does It Work?

Spray foam is a condensed material that expands upon contact and release from our pressurized tank. As the material expands it continues to fill every gap, spacing, or hole as it turns into a foam-like substance. Then, we wait for the material to fully ‘cure’ as it continues to expand and dry. When finished we begin removing the excess material making way for your wall installation or reinstallation.

Why Choose Us?

At Chicago Insulation Pros. we have years of experience and dedication to this type of insulation. Spray foam benefits from skilled professionals with a steady hand, reducing the amount wasted and how well your installation was produced. At our company you get certified specialists with accurate sealing.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam is ultimately versitile. With major house components such as electrical wiring, plumbing lines, or hard to reach places, it can be highly difficult to insulate these areas in the traditional methods. The benefit of this material is to accurately seal these areas easily, lessening the time frame of installation, and avoid unnecessary methods to accomodate non-mutable materials. It’s overall become the answer to decades of hassles in this industry, and benefiting homeowners with an air-tight finish.

Other Factors To Consider

What else is great about this product? It does not mold. While many types of insulation can be subject to mold, or completely vulerable against it, spray foam is mold-resistant in every way. Since this material removes the possibility of moisture it deters and repels any formation of mold growth. Also, because of its density and glue-like tenacity, it adds structural strength to a wall, ceiling, or roof assembly.

Energy Efficient Ratings

This type of material exceeds all other insulations in the market. The R-value is around 6.5 per inch while other types can be between 3.5 and 3.7. R-value measures the amount of heat resistance a substance can mitigate and deflect- and spray foam is by far the highest rated.

This opens a lot of doors for homeowners. If you have a home in the Chicago area during the winter season you can probably attest to the cold climate. With this material and it’s higher R-value, keeping internal temperatures under control will no longer be an issue.

What About Cool Temperatures?

This goes without saying that the R-value property includes all forms of insulated circumstances. It’s designed to keep your desired temperature within your home maintained without exhausting resources and energy bills. Cool temperatures are included in this aspect.

Saving Energy

With spray foam insulation you save as low as 20% or as high as 80% in energy bills. This figure completely depends on your home and it’s current standings. Homeowners who already have other energy efficient exteriors such as windows, siding, and doors, you may not see an extreme different. However, for the average homeowners you will save between 40-50%. You will be surprised at how many homes are built without any form of insulation aside from the traditional fiberglass. This makes a huge difference in comparison.

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