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Serving Chicago, Illinois
Serving Chicago, Illinois

Weatherization in Chicago, IL

While maintaining and upgrading the types of insulation you have within your home is a vast improvement, weatherization adds to the proper protection of air leaks and drafts. Windows, doors, you name it. If the frames and gaps are not sealed effectively your home will be experiencing a loss of energy. Homeowners are amazed at how huge an impact this can be, and that’s why our company takes it very seriously.

What Exactly Is Weatherization?

You may or may not have heard of this term before. Weatherization is the act of sealing windows, doors, or other cavities within your home to prevent drafts and air leaks, as well as upgrading HVAC equipment or even installing new insulation. It’s a simple yet delicate process that requires precision in finding the best areas of inprovement that are absolutely necessary. Our experts at Chicago Insulation Pros will provide the most important sealing and upkeep to get your home optimal for energy efficiency without breaking budget.

What About Other Insulated Areas?

Other insulation areas such as your exteriors can play a huge part of your home energy efficiency. As an example, siding with an internal foam barrier can be an improvement. However, this can be a daunting and expensive upgrade.

With weatherization or any new insulation you can skip this step entirely and remain completely insulated. Homes that have upgraded their wall, attic, &floor insulation, as well as frame sealing, have experienced massive improvements to their energy bills and felt the difference within the maintained temperatures. These simple procedures can over-ride the need of other expensive methods.

Being Prepared For The Seasons

Our mission is to get every homeowner into a position where the chance of seasons no longer impose on energy bills. Chicago has cold winters and hot summers, making it ideal for homes to be insulated properly. Our services reduces the risk of energy loss by sealing and upgrading key points surrounding your home. There are a few areas that almost always need assessment in our line of work:

  • Window frames and gaps
  • Entryways and doorways – within and surrounding the frame
  • Floor cavities within the structure or cove joint
  • Flooring above crawl spaces
  • Flooring above basements
  • and more!

Home Performance Evaluation

Our company also offers a home performance evaluation. This can determine your weakest areas and depict efficiency of your home insulation. This is run by our team at Chicago Insulation Pros which is certified to handle any of the procedures during testing. We are also estblished under the Illinois Weatherization Assistance Program (IWAP) for low-income families to reduce their energy bills. We believe in helping all those in dire need.

Contact Us For An Inspection

It’s hard to determine what your home needs, which is why we offer the home performance evaluation. However, we also offer an inspection which allows us to assess a general idea for what your home needs and propose a plan of action. You can contact us at any time during normal business hours via phone or online contact form for more information. You can schedule an appointment with one of our technicians who will be happy begin examination.

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