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Serving Chicago, Illinois
Serving Chicago, Illinois

Reliable Attic Insulation Contractor in Lockport, Illinois

Homeowners throughout the Chicago metropolitan area may be interested to know that they could be saving money on the cost of their energy bills by taking the time to look at their insulation. Insulation plays a vital role in your home’s energy efficiency and your heating and cooling system’s effectiveness. Without proper installation during the construction of your home or replacing old insulation that has settled you could be needlessly spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your energy bill every year.

Some of the insulation types we install include:

  • Radiant Barriers: This is installed under your roof to reflect the summer heat away and keeping the warmth in during winter months.
  • Sheets of Fiberglass: This is the large pink insulation you may have seen as your home was being built or in certain areas of your home. It is best for use before drywall is installed and in new construction.
  • Cellulose: This product is made from fully recycled materials and it is an ideal solution for upgrading your insulation even if you have an older home. This style of insulation can be pumped into small spaces and attics for amazing savings.
  • Spray Foam: This insulation is injected into your walls and expands to fill the in smaller wall spaces and creates a seal around plumbing and electrical panels as well.

Chicagoland Homeowner’s Insulation Concerns

Residents of Chicagoland spend a fair amount on energy bills due to the massive fluctuations in temperature throughout the seasons. In the winter temperatures can easily drop lower than 20°F and in the summer temperatures often reach over 80°F. With such a large variance in temperature throughout the year Chicago area residents need to have quality insulation that can keep heat in while allowing a house to remain cool in the summer months.

To do this, insulation installation experts use a combination of the affirmation styles of insulation to upgrade older style homes in Chicago, seal up trouble spots as well as provide professional installation for new construction and renovation projects. Having Chicago Insulation Pros complete your insulation or upgrade your insulation is the best way to make sure you are using the right products and that your home is experiencing optimal efficiency.

For a quote on professional insulation services in the greater Chicagoland area call Chicago Insulation Pros today at (773) 355-4664.

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Energy Efficiency Programs

Looking to make your home more energy efficient? There are a number of programs in the state of Illinois that offer rebates and savings just for having your home insulated! You can find additional savings through Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, and North Shore Gas.